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The next words out of my mouth caught me by surprise, as I hadn't really thought about it until that very moment, or the impact of what if anything they might mean to her when I said them. The feel of her body pressing against me was exquisite, the way her breasts molded into my hands as I squeezed and caressed them went beyond sensuality, certainly well beyond anything my mother would do, or be capable of. I knew mom would in all likelihood finish off the rest of the wine, and I wasn't particularly in the mood to have to deal with her depression under the circumstances. Coupled with that sensation, and the way I was now sucking her clitoris as though nursing at her tit was enough to send her over the edge. Then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard, pulled back and licked around the head with her tongue. Obviously none of us were in the habit of knocking on doors, which had caused this particular problem in the first place. Can I have some more?

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As she sat down on my bed, the robe parted and clearly revealed one of those firm full breasts.

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He exploded inside of her. I went back to my room ooooohh and pretended to be asleep when, oooohhhh, when Priya came back into bed. My mother was entirely nude, lying on her back with one hand caressing her breast, and the other deeply embedded inside her pussy. Then, with his tongue flat, he licked her hot little box from the beginning of her asshole all the way up to her budding little clitoris. With three quarters of his rock hard shaft inside, she began to slide up and down with a steadily increasing tempo. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Then she closed her lips, forming a seal around his cock and drew up, sucking in hard as she did so.

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  • Kendall 2 days ago

    Bc if ya don't censor the cock the police might catch ya...

  • Reuben 28 days ago

    More of her please.

  • Dwayne 20 days ago

    safer for sophie I for one am GLAD